Super Doggo

Super Doggo Snack Time is a hilarously challenging and addicting doggo snack catching arcade gameplay!

Catch all the snacks falling from the dinner table. Yummy pizza 🍕, apples 🍎, hotdogs 🌭, watermelons 🍉, hamburgers 🍔, ice creams 🍦 and oh so tasty bones! Dress your dog up in tons of outrageous accessories. Collect all the hats, glasses, doggy bandanas and necklaces! Super easy to learn, but super hard to be the best! 🌟

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PickCrafter is an addictive Minecraft inspiried mobile game where players mine gems, collect pickaxes, open chests and discover treasure filled worlds.

Players can tap or swing their devices to break blocks and collect picks. As they progress through the game they can unlock many collectibles, explore different biomes, and acquire unique pickaxes with special abiltiies.

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