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September 14, 2019
v4.26.0 - The Lucky Event is back!
• Lucky Event is live! Complete quests and enter the Lucky Biome for more blocks
• Badges now give unique boosts! Earn them by completing certain events. Currently, Lucky Badges will give out Luck Stat Boost
• Update the images for Clover items (Clover, Clover Block) - the last one was a low-quality image
• Statistic Menu update (numbers weren't truncated when they got too large)
• Updated the default button texture in a lot of places. This improves the tiling of the image - some people saw bad stretching problems on this.
Super Doggo Snack Time
Android, iOS
Feb 26, 2019
• Bug fixes
• Performance improvements
Coffee Craze
Android, iOS
August 30, 2019
Version - 1.002.000
• Daily Drink offers added to the store • Permanent x2 boost added to the store Fixes:
• Mooore UI Fixes