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October 25, 2019
v4.27.3 - Spooky Event
• Some preparation work for the Spooky Event. To be set live soon - we will have more details available what has changed with that
• New Achievement: That's Illegal!
• Daily Reward blocks now get scaled based on your Prestige Level
• Added a Torch glow effect
• Modified Flower Petal Model in the Jungle
• When an event is live, only event chests will be given in replace of Iron Chests (no longer a chance)
• Rebalancing the cost to refresh all abilities
• Twilight Biome's time of day looks at local timezone now
• Fixed black screen issue when using the Tridents in the Ocean Biome
• Fixed a bug with the RockShield Pickaxe
• Fixed a bug where quests would get reset when an event is extended
• The Inbox now refreshes in-game (for in-game gifts from Customer Support)
• Discovery Wheel won't be summoned if you have a Pickaxe Power enabled
• Fixed badge text issue when you have more than 1 of an event
• Candy Bucket is now purchasable in the store
• Improving the granting of items from AMPCodes (some people were experiencing issues)
• Fixing goal text for missing translations
Super Doggo Snack Time
Android, iOS
Feb 26, 2019
• Bug fixes
• Performance improvements
Coffee Craze
Android, iOS
November 9, 2019
Version - 1.004.001
• Player XP system to earn promotions rewarding features & items
• Player customization and outfits
• VIPs will periodically visit your shop for a cash boost
• New Settings menu with Push Notification options
• Tooltips with info placed in menus
• Many UI fixes